Golden Freddy Cinema started as a gaming channel on March 6th 2016. Back then it ha
d a different name.
Goldie played mostly Minecraft and Roblox back in the day, but found out it was not his thing.

Over a year later on April 10th 2017 he changes his channel to be more horror like, and started playing Hello Neighbor. Only 2 video's were made on this and the channel died very quickly.

Soon after he found out about Five Nights at Freddy's. Which made him go watch animations on youtube, and wanting him to learn it himself.

On June 25th 2017, he completely re-did his channel, and was changed to Golden Freddy Cinema. His first animation published on the same day, and is the first video viewable on his channel today.

After 2 years of animating, Goldie lost the spirit for it, he couldn't get any animations done, and his channel died quickly.
But 1 year before that, Goldie made a Hello Neighbor mod in Unreal Engine 4. And after that took the hobby of making games for fun.
His first game after this has never been released and files sadly have been lost. It was a horror mansion which you had to escape from. Since Goldie is a big fan of Disneyland Paris, he wanted to base it of of his favorite ride, Phantom Manor.

He then made a totally different game, and called it "Phantom Manor The Game" which is still playable on Gamejolt.

After his channel died with animations, he focussed more on the gaming side, and started working on a test project.

Most nowadays know this game as FNaF: Back in the 80's.

After the success of that game, came The Living Nightmare. Which would be followed up by Park of Horror.

But in between those, he made a funny game called Killer in Purple, which was supposed to be a joke, but turned out to be his most popular game. He then made sure the story fit in with Back in the 80's and even made a Killer in Purple 2 in 2021.

Park of Horror also eventually released, allong with Rexters Adventure.

Currently, Killer in Purple 2 is still in the works, as well as Rexters Adventure. Let's see what the future has in store...