Goldie Entertainment is owned by Goldie (Joey) and is the main publishing name.

Goldie Entertainment started of by making FNaF games under the name of Golden Freddy Cinema.

The games that are currently in development are on the homepage.

The back in the 80's Series

Killer in Purple

Killer in Purple is the first game in the Back in the 80's series. It takes place in a virtual world that is made by William. All data collected from this game is then made into Project Malhare.

Killer in Purple 2

Killer in Purple takes place just after Killer in Purple 1, and is the story of William, just before he turns into Springtrap.

Back in the 80's

There is a big gap in between KIP2 and Back in the 80's. Back in the 80's tells the Story of Jim, trying to solve the mystery of the 5 missing children, untill Glitchtrap appears and he is locked in the pizzeria.

The Living Nightmare

The Living Nightmare is a couple hours after the ending of Back in the 80's. Jim and Mark (Jim's best friend and nephew of Scott) go to Cawthon Manor, and find out the animatronics followed them, as well as Glitchtrap.

Park of Horror

Park of Horror is the last game in the series. The wife of Jim has been missing for almost a year, and Jim, Mark and the son of Jim, Brendon, go to an amusement park to enjoy some time together. When Brendon goes to the bathroom at the end of the day, he accidentaly gets locked in the park. With no way out. He has to go to the emergency exit which is in the castle. But it's locked with keys. You have to go inside rides to get them and go in the castle. But Vanny is in control of the park.

The Parts Within

Canceled game about Cindy and Joey

No further details.

Rexters Universe

Rexters Adventure

Rexters Adventure was a about a kid that went into an arcade, but got stuck inside the game as Glitchtrap. Eventually you had to defeat Rexter, the giant T-rex, but the gameplay was a bit boring, so the first concept got canceled.

Currently the story and gameplay is still in the works, and the game will be more horror and a lot better. The old version is still playable on Gamejolt. Also the old trailer is still up.

Phantom Manor Universe

Phantom Manor tells the story of the Ravenswood Family. In 1860 an earthquake struck the little village Thunder Mesa. 2 of the victims were Henry and his wife Martha. Their Daughter, Melanie, was left alone to mary the love of her life... But on her wedding day the groom doesn't show up. Now she roams Ravenswood Manor, being kept stuck by The Phantom.

You investigate the house, but can you survive as guest of honor?